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“Surprisingly suspenseful and thoroughly moving and inspiring.” – Peter Keough for The Boston Globe

“Watch it now … [one of] the top 10 things we love this week.” – Entertainment Weekly

“In a political climate in which all things progressive are at risk, the film is a reminder of the long and difficult work that victory took as well as a notification that no triumph can be taken for granted.” – Kenneth Turan, The L.A. Times

“Rosenstein makes this a suspenseful legal yarn and an essential history lesson. But it could also provide a blueprint for the continuing civil rights challenges of our time that, like marriage, represent conservative ideals being denied to friends, family, and neighbors.” – Daphne Howland, The Village Voice

“The Freedom to Marry” breathes immediacy into marriage equality. The film is a definitive history of the course gay marriage took in the United States… nothing short of chilling.” – Courtney Linder for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Freedom to Marry is a MUST SEE.” – Joe Sudbay

“In the story about last year’s Supreme Court victory for the marriage equality movement, Wolfson emerges as both its hero and its heart … Despite the fact that viewers of the film will know how it ends, there is still a palpable feeling of suspense that takes hold as the final Supreme Court decision approaches.” – Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast

“The Freedom to Marry is this summer’s hot documentary.” – Curve Magazine

“The Freedom to Marry is every festival programmer’s dream.  North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival audiences didn’t merely fall in love with this amazing new documentary; they took it to the altar and tied the knot. The Freedom to Marry became one of the must-see events of the fest.” – Jim Carl, Director of the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The Freedom to Marry may very well become not only a testament to the will of a group of people for their equal rights but serve as a manual for other groups anywhere who may need to do the same. [The film] should be used by any group struggling to achieve equal rights. It will stand as the record of the LGBT community’s struggle for marriage equality.” – Gary Carnivele, We The People

“As the country gets ready to celebrate the first anniversary of the biggest gay rights ruling ever in American history, you can see how the unbelievable journey went down with the world premiere of The Freedom to Marry … A war room style feature documentary about the same-sex marriage movement, from the final frenetic months of the legal and grassroots campaign.” – Muri Assuncao, Towleroad

“The new intimate, behind-the-scenes documentary The Freedom to Marry traces the marriage equality movement’s historic progress and delves into the masterminds behind one of the greatest civil rights movements of this generation.” – Vikram Murthi, IndieWire

“This doc celebrates that momentous day – and with fascinating depth, profiles the LGBT heroes that worked tirelessly for decades to make the dream of marriage equality a reality.” – Ray Bradford, GLAAD

“Truly captures the riveting story of how we won. … Award-winning filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein gives an emotional, behind-the-scenes view of the campaign and strategy that ended marriage discrimination nationwide.” – Love, Inc

“We all know the road to same-sex marriage in the U.S. was a long one and one that involved many people. But if you had to credit one woman whose decades’ worth of work most made this reality possible, it has got to be Mary Bonauto … Mary’s work, along with that of same-sex marriage architect Evan Wolfson, is at the center of the new documentary The Freedom to Marry” – Daniela Costa, After Ellen